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Emi Shiratori

Emi Shiratori is a Japanese graphic design and illustration artist based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Emi's design is inspired by the vast and ever-changing natural landscape of Japan's Northern Island. Her distinguised style in vividly hand-drawn organic shapes and motives marks her identity artworks.

Since founding her design office NANO GRAPHIC in 2002, Emi works on various projects, among her own art creation, she is involved in music related works as well as brand design projects, working with fashion and brand labels such as BEAMS and HILTON amongst many others. In 2010, she composed not only several artworks, wall designs and the overall brand identity for THE GREEN LEAF NISEKO VILLAGE hotel renewal project, but is up to date involved in the hotel's art direction. In addition, the hotel was awarded 5 stars in Best Hotel Interior during the International Hotel Awards in 2011.

Emi continues to work from Sapporo on many projects, recently involving fashion design productions, packaging, and interior design.




2000年、北海道芸術デザイン専門学校卒業。ゲーム会社勤務を経て、2002年に「ナノグラフィック」の名義でグラフィックデザイナーとして独立。2010年、THE GREEN LEAF Niseko Village リニューアルプロジェクトに参加。ロゴや館内の壁画など、多数のアートワークを提供。また、その後現在に至るまで館内装飾のアートディレクションを担っている。ホテルは2011年、インターナショナルホテルアワードの「ベストホテルインテリア賞」で5スターを受賞。

札幌を拠点に、音楽、アウトドア、ファッションのビジュアル制作、パッケージデザイン、空間のデザイン装飾など、その仕事は多岐にわたる。 copyright © 2017 nano graphic / Emi Shiratori